Type of provision:   Residential Care Home
Gender:  Boys
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  2 x Children’s homes
Total number of registered beds:  12
Age range on admission:  12 – 18
Geographical location:  London


MRCS operates two children’s homes, catering for up to 10 young people and a school for boys with behavioural emotional and social difficulties. Typically, those we look after and / or educate present with a range of behaviours including ADHD, Aspergers, attachment difficulties and anger management problems.

Within our facilities, young people are engaged in a range of activities, individualised programmes and interventions that address their specific needs and circumstances, aiming ultimately to provide stability, routine and good outcomes.

We provide a hub to facilitate coordinated care, health and social development plans and we engage local partners, if necessary, to ensure support for young people to be healthy, stay safe, achieve more in education and develop skills to become employable and productive in society.


Company Website:   www.mrcscare.co.uk