Meadows Care Ltd

Type of provision:  Fully Integrated Therapeutic Care, Support and Education in solo, dual and three-bedded homes with a separate day school.
Gender:  Mixed or male and female only homes
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  19 Homes, 1 School
Total number of registered beds:  35
Size range of homes:   1, 2 and 3 bed homes
Age range on admission:  6-18
Specialist service:  Specialist service: 1:1 and 2:1 staffing ratios and therapeutic care and education for solo/dual/ three bedded residential living. Our education provision offers 1:1 personalised education delivered from the homes and our school which offers small group education.
Name and qualifications:  Niel Shelmerdine, Director (CSS), Karen Brandon (L5 DIP in Leadership & Management), Dr Jane Toner, Head of Therapy (Dclin Psy, MSc), Lianne Taylor, Placements Manager.
Registered school:  Meadows School is an independent specialist school and a registered examination centre, providing qualifications from entry level to GCSE’s and vocational awards. Registration number 354/6202. Recently Ofsted graded Good.
Other education provision:  Excellent links to local colleges and mainstream. 1:1 home tuition, and small group education.
Therapeutic provision:  Our specialist in-house clinical team lead by Dr Jane Toner, delivers evidence-based assessments and interventions for working with young people. These include a range of CBT approaches, DBT, EMDR, Motivation Interviewing, Compassionate Mind Work and Family work.
Geographical location:  North West, Yorks & Humberside


Meadows Care provides unique, fully-integrated therapeutic care and education for young people with complex ESBD. These include experiences of abuse, trauma, neglect, learning needs, mental health issues and multiple placement failures. We have worked with young people who offend, self-harm are vulnerable to CSE and who express their difficulties in a variety of challenging ways.

Our one, two and three- bedded homes are located in both rural and community-based. We use restorative practice to guide our young people in managing difficulties and conflict. We take males and females and will develop a staff team according to need.

All young people are matched according to risk but solo occupancy is available for individuals with significant needs.

Our therapy team provide specialised evidence-based assessment and interventions for young people, with excellent rates of engagement and improving outcomes.

We take external referrals for support and accommodation or for outreach support.  Our education provision can be delivered 1:1 or in a small group setting either at the home or school. Each young person receives an individual education plan and time table that follows the national curriculum.

High quality service delivery and positive outcomes are critical to our continued success. Our integrated provision is built upon our child centred ethos. All care staff, therapists, teachers and workers are fully employed by Meadows Care and are passionate and proud to share the organisation’s ethos, culture and values.

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