Type of provision:  Specialist long-term residential homes, school, emergency outward bounds
provision, treatment and therapy teams.
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes  & other services: 9 specialist residential homes, registered school, therapy department, outreach provisions for post 16, outward bounds emergency provision.
Total number of registered beds:  31
Size range of homes:   1×1 bedded, 2×3 bedded, 6×4 bedded (3 homes with self-contained annexes for additional support needs, where young people can either reside alone, or be integrated into main home dependent on needs). Solo outward bounds provisions for up to 4 young people.
Age range on admission:  8-18
Specialist service:  Asperger’s/ ASD/LD/Abuse/ Significant Mental Health concerns/ Attachment Disorders/ Self Harm/ those subject to MAPPA. Full assessment undertaken on placement. NON exclusion. NFC work within the theoretical model of attachment as the basis for all its work.
Name and qualifications:  Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Educational Psychologist, Psychotherapists, Senior Mental Health Nurse, Social Workers, Teachers, SENCO.
Registered school:  Registered School and vocational working farm, offering full curriculum with bespoke individualised plans; very small group tuition.
Other education provision:  Vocational working farm and outward bounds.
Therapeutic provision:  Psychotherapy, including using a Dyadic Development Model, Drama, Art, Play and Music Therapy, EMDR, Counselling, Equine Therapy & Family work available.
Other services:  Comprehensive assessments, outward bounds emergency provision.
Geographical location:  South East and South West


We are a unique residential specialist service, offering bespoke adolescent and mental health services for ages 8-25 years. We have a school, vocational farm provision and various therapeutic individualised treatment packages available such as; Psychotherapy, Drama, Art, Music, Play therapy, EMDR, DDT, Counselling, Equine therapy and family work.

All long-term placements are subject to a 7 week impartial assessment. Each service is tailored specifically around the holistic needs of the child.

We have a NON EXCLUSION policy and have never terminated a placement. We NEVER use agency staff.

The multi-disciplinary team consists of Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Counsellors & Therapists, Registered Mental Health Nurses, Teachers, SENCO, Clinical Psychologist, Care Managers and Care staff.

Services: High staffing ratios within singleton placements, or small shared accommodation within eight Children’s Homes. Comprehensive case research and transitional planning prior to placement. Follow-on, fully supported outreach projects for post 16. Homes have been consistently rated as OUTSTANDING by Ofsted. Awarded prestigious GOLD Investors in People status over 2
consecutive re-assessments.

Education: Comprehensive, unique, bespoke, specialist curriculum, delivered by qualified teaching staff.


Company Website:  www.newforestcare.co.uk