Type of provision:   EBD/LD/Autism
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  5-8 Homes
Total number of registered beds:  21-25 Beds
Size range of homes:  2-6 Bed
Age range on admission:  9-18
Specialist services:  Autism Specialist Homes
Other education provision:  School under registration
Registered school or other
education provision:   Currently Undergoing Registration
Therapeutic provision:  Consultancy and Therapists Commissioned, if required
Geographical location:  West Midlands


NH Care currently operates a number of Learning Disability/EBD/Autism Children’s Homes within the West Midlands Area with plans for expansion into other geographical areas. NH Care homes vary in size from 2 beds to 6 beds and we are able to provide solo placements on request.

We cater for Children and Young People with mild to severe learning disabilities and are able to provide additional supervision levels and support, if so required.  NH Care can also offer a full
transition to Adult Services, if required. It operates Adult provisions within the locality of the Children’s Homes, therefore offering transitions from Child to Adult Care, allowing children and young people to continue their efforts to develop social inclusion within a familiar community and maintain the links they have developed in their childhood.

NH Care also operates homes for Children and Young People with emotional and behavioural difficulties with plans to open our second home in the next few months.

Clinical, Mental Health Therapeutic services are all available on request.

We are planning to offer education provision from our own school – this is scheduled to be operational from September 2016.

All of the company’s children’s homes are currently rated good or above with two of the homes currently graded “Outstanding”.  We are members of National Autism Society and two of
our homes are currently going through the Specialist Autism Home Accreditation process.

NH Care is highly competitive on costs and will work closely with placing authorities to provide the specific services they require.


Company Website:   www.nhcare.co.uk  (currently under construction)