Type of provision:   52 Week Residential Childcare and full time 38 week education at our 2 Independent Special School Sites
Total number of children’s homes  & other services: 4 Male Children’s Homes, and 2 school sites
Total number of registered beds:  18
Size range of homes:  5 – 8
Age range on admission:  9 – 18
Specialist services:  Consultant psychotherapist on site. Mainstream education reintegration achieved. Progression to foster care, return home / home areas supported.
Other education provision:  2 Specialist Independent School Sites educating pupils with: Attachment Disorders, Autistic Spectrum Conditions, SEMH, Anxiety, ODD, ADHD and PDA. We re-engage pupils.
Name & Qualifications:  Kirby Moor School and Herdley Bank Centre teach the national curriculum and a differentiated curriculum at GCSE, GCSE equivalent, OCR Nationals & AQA levels.
Registered School or other  Education Provision:  Kirby Moor School and The Herdley Bank Centre for boys aged 9-18. Ofsted Outstanding rated.
Therapeutic provision:  In-house consultant play psychotherapist and extensive use of local drama and art therapists.
Geographical location:  North West


North Lakes has 4 therapeutic care homes and 2 Specialist Independent School Sites. We Provide safe, nurturing homes for young people to: live, grow and progress. Our schools enable learning, re-engagement and achievement.

We work with young people who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. Consulting with young people, families and professionals enables us to care for, safeguard and educate individuals effectively. Our therapeutic approach promotes a shared understanding of placement aims, outcomes and achievements.

Appropriate child-centred care and educational plans are devised through: –
• Listening to all a young person is capable of
• Understanding areas of interest for learning
• Allowing the young person to “be” & “explore”
• Identifying where a young person wishes to improve and recognising progress
• Narrowing the gaps in a supportive, developmental manner.

Use of the PACE model: Patient, Accepting, Curious and Empathic in our support and care for young people. We encourage thinking so feeling emotionally overwhelmed decreases and real change can occur. Addressing young peoples’ presenting needs, behaviours and academic abilities are key service strengths.

Kirby Moor House: nurturing care for younger boys rated Outstanding 2012 -2016.

Woodend House: rural, supportive home for boys 12+ rated Good.

Kenilworth House: town based preparation for independence home rated Outstanding 2015-17.

Warwick House for boys 12+ located for our own or mainstream schools, rated Good.

Kirby Moor School and the NEW Herdley Bank Centre rated Outstanding in all areas.

“Pupils make outstanding progress, The quality of teaching is outstanding.”

Company Website:   www.nlcs.uk.com