Type of provision:   Therapeutic – specialising in mental health disorders and children with mild autistic spectrum disorders, e.g. Aspergers.
Gender:   Mixed
Total number of children’s homes  & other services:  1
Total number of registered beds:  5
Age range on admission:  10 plus
Specialist services:  Therapeutic – Weekly sessions with Psychotherapist.
Other education provision:  ASDAN
Registered school or other education provision:    Oak House School – DfE URN 143406
Therapeutic provision:  Gestalt, Biofeedback therapy, Psychotherapist.
Geographical location:  London


Therapeutic residential care home for young people aged 10 to 17 years. Specialising in young people who are self-harming, suicidal ideation and/or mental disorders.

•  Provide a staff team which is non-judgemental and trained in Gestalt counselling. All staff have completed or are working towards their NVQ’s.
•  Staff complete detailed key work sessions with the young people, these sessions cover:-
• Social & Emotional Skills
• Behaviour Skills
• Drug & Alcohol
• Emotional Health & Well-being
•  Provide therapeutic tools like art, drama, key-work sessions, etc. to help the young person explore and gain a better understanding of themselves – all young people are offered regular sessions with a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist
•  Assess the development of a young person in:- Offending, Motivation and Taking Responsibility, Self-Care and Living Skills, Managing Money, Social Networks and Relationships, Drug and Alcohol Misuse, Physical Health, Emotional and Mental Health, Meaningful use of Time
•  Teaching the young person life skills to prepare them for life after our care.
•  We encourage and stress the importance for our young people to attend education, whether it be through mainstream schooling, home tutoring or via our on-site Oak House School.
•  The use of Positive Behavioural Intervention Support (PBIS) process to support young people with autism.
•  EEG Biofeedback (neuro-feedback) therapy – This involves helping young people learn to control their emotions through controlling their bodily actions such as breathing deeply, distraction, etc. The therapy includes monitoring a young person’s Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Skin Conductance Level (SCL).


Company Website:   www.oakhousehome.co.uk