Type of Provision:  Residential Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total No. of Children’s Homes & Other Services:  2
Total No. of Registered beds:  4
Size range of homes:  2 homes currently offering 1-2 placements (third home opening in 2019).
Age range on admission:  8-17 years
Specialist Service: 1:1 & 2:1 staffing ratios, EBD, Challenging Behaviour, ADHD, Solo provision also possible.
Other Eduction Provision:  Links with various education provisions and ability to tailor package to individual young person’s needs/interests.
Names & Qualifications: 
Care Staff/Management: Level 3 Diploma Children & Young People  and Level 5 Leadership & Management/Degree in Social Work Care.

We aim to offer each young person placed with Oaktree Childcare a safe, stable, caring and nurturing environment that will bring some stability to their life. Where each young person is able to develop, equipping them with the skills to make responsible choices and cope well as individual citizens.  We aim to treat each young person as an individual with a variety of individual needs that are addressed in a positive and progressive manner, as part of a clearly defined care plan.

Our ethos is; Nurturing positive outcomes to improve the life of our young people, enabling them to develop to maintain a fulfilling life in the community.

We believe that the welfare of the young people in our care is our number one priority, ensuring their safety, security and social enhancement.

Oaktree Childcare does not subscribe to a single theoretical or therapeutic model, but instead looks to offer a bespoke placement for each young person, dependent on their needs. The emphasis is on individual care and we will adapt the care to ensure the core outcomes are being attained.

Oaktree Childcare recognises the importance of investing in and retaining a high quality staff team. This will enable us to provide the best possible outcomes for young people and help them to succeed after leaving our care and become an asset to society.

Our staff team are experienced, trained and committed to the work they undertake with our young people and dedicated to achieving positive outcomes. Staff work in partnership with professionals and each young person to develop a detailed placement plan to establish targets and outcomes which are specific, time aware, measurable and achievable.