Type of provision:  Fully integrated residential therapeutic care & education in 2 or 3 bedded homes with 1:1 staffing & off-site DfE registered schools.
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  12 homes, 2 schools
Total number of registered beds:  33 (increasing to 34)
Size range of homes:  3 x 2 bed and 9 x 3 bed (registration underway for a 2 bed home to become 3 bed)
Age range on admission:  8-18
Specialist service:  Challenging behaviours which may include: SHB, learning disabilities, low self esteem, social isolation, higher functioning ASD, self harm and attachment issues.
Name and qualifications:  Steve Bromley, CEO
Registered school:  Registration numbers 895/6035 and 822/6013
Other education provision:  Links to local colleges, vocational and alternative educational provision.
Therapeutic provision:  Integrated therapeutic provision with Communities of Communities (CofC) and The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities (TCTC) membership.
Geographical location:  North West, West Midlands, Eastern


Oracle Care and Education provides bespoke packages of care and education in a therapeutic environment. We work with young people with extensive, complex and enduring needs, who display
high risk behaviours.

Oracle has 12 children’s homes, across both our Bedfordshire and Cheshire/Staffordshire regions. All our homes are detached and offer either 2 or 3 young person placements. Our homes are situated in pleasant surroundings and within active communities, to allow our young people to integrate with a variety of local activities and amenities. Each home has its own qualified and experienced Registered Manager, as well as its own dedicated staff team who provide risk assessed support and supervision.

We offer medium to long-term placements, usually on a 52 week basis. However, requests for school term time only placements will be considered, where this is in the best interests of the child or young person.

All our staff are trained and supported by a team of highly skilled consultant psychologists, who assist the delivery of individual Education, Care and Health plans and guide therapeutic practice in our schools and children’s homes.

Staff recruitment and training is underpinned by therapeutic competencies developed by TCTC and our Team Around the Child model ensures a fully integrated approach and collective responsibility for best outcomes.

We are members of ‘TCTC’ The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities and ‘ISA’ The Independent Schools Association.