Type of provision:   52 week residential care and education
Gender:   Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  9
Total number of registered beds:  9
Size range of homes:  1
Age range on admission:  Under 19 (as long as compatible with other children)
Specialist services:  We offer therapeutic intervention and approach to challenging
behaviour and emotional well-being.
Therapeutic provision:  Yes
Geographical location:  West Midlands


The residential provision is in a 1920s house, while the educational facility is a purpose-built school with a number of classrooms and specialist equipment. The home has been converted to make it suitable for the provision of care whilst maintaining a homely feel.

The surrounding grounds have several areas of interest and stimulation, including a sensory garden, patio area, work shed, vegetable and fruit patch, water play area, play equipment, all weather paths, coppice and nature area and a pond. Indoors, there is a sensory room, craft centre, kitchen and a playroom outside of school hours.

Individual needs are taken into account through continuous assessment and developmental planning. This includes diet and nutritional needs.

We offer an individualised therapeutic intervention and approach to young people with SEN, challenging behaviour and emotional well-being and commission the services of experienced occupational and speech & language therapists. All Therapists have the required qualifications and appropriate insurances.

We aim to be the best in class in every area in which we operate. Our Place provides an environment in which the young people feel cherished and secure, fulfilled and content.Most of the staff team have had prior training up to NVQ3 in Caring for Children or equivalent or higher qualifications, those that don’t hold the minimum qualification (NVQ 3) prior to starting, undertake training for the Level 3 Children and Young People’s Workforce Diploma.


Company Website:   www.ourplaceschools.com