Type of provision:   Residential child care
Gender:      Mixed
Total number of children’s homes &  other services:  6
Total number of registered beds:  14
Size range of homes:  1-4
Age range on admission:  8-17
Therapeutic provision:  Yes
Geographical location:  North West


Our model of care is based on looking after young people in warm, friendly, comfortable homes where all their needs are met, while at the same time paying close attention to helping them manage their behaviours.

This high warmth/high control ethos, supported with unconditional positive regard, has a proven track record of achieving best outcomes in young people.

All young people have a comprehensive Risk Assessment completed within six weeks of their arrival, which then generates a number of Risk Management Plans that staff work with to keep young people safe.

Each young person has an individually designed placement plan constructed in partnership with them. The plan reflects each young person’s particular needs and forms the basis for on-going direct work, to help them secure their goals and achieve their ambitions.

Because we care about the young people we look after, we want them to learn how to manage their behaviours to release their inner potential. Each young person has an individualised behaviour
management plan, targeted at the parts of their behaviour they find most difficult to manage, so that in time and with support, these things can be brought under control and the young person can progress.

Pathfinders believe that the first level of intervention within our homes is the development of open, honest and trusting relationships which allows a real level of attachment. Once our young people eel safe, secure and cared for, they may then be ready to embark on the next level of their development.


Company Website:   www.pathfindersltd.co.uk