Pathways Care Group Limited

Type of Provision:  5 registered Children’s Homes emotional and behavioural difficulties, 2 homes for children with disabilities. Pathways care group also provide CQC registered services for adults with learning disabilities, physical and sensory disabilities, mental health, day services, and community outreach.

Gender:  Mixed

Total No. of children’s homes & other services: 7

Total No. of registered beds:  31

Size range of homes:  Children’s homes range for 3 to 6 beds

Age range on admission:  7-17 years

Other education provision:  Within the children’s homes we are able to commission a range of individually tailored education opportunities, through mainstream and alternative education provisions.

Names & Qualifications:

Registered School or other education provision:  Ambito Education  – school in West Sussex, Wales and college in Lancashire.

Therapeutic Provision:  Our children’s homes access regular therapeutic Counselling sessions for young people in their care.


Pathways Children’s Services provides care for young people with a range of complex needs and SEMH, as well as children with autism, from our high quality care homes.

We have a reputation for providing excellent levels of care and support and our staff teams are committed to helping young people stabilise their lives and develop their potential.

Our care homes offer a stable, secure and supportive environment, in which the children we care for can develop the skills and confidence necessary to help them fulfill their potential.

We provide individualised and child-centred approaches, and work with each young person to build a bespoke package of care.

At Pathways, every child matters, regardless of the behaviours, issues or complications they bring with them.


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