Type of provision:   Children’s homes
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  3
Total number of registered beds:  14
Size range of homes:  3 – 6 bedded
Age range on admission:  8 – 17 years old
Specialist services:  See above
Other education provision:  Potton Independent school. Takes up to 10 children
Registered school or other education provision:   DfE registered School
Therapeutic provision:  Clinical psychotherapist, play/art/drama therapist, music therapy, animal therapy.
Geographical location:  South East


Here at Potton Homes, we provide care for traumatised children aged between 8 and 17 years old (on admission), both male and female, who are assessed to have profound and multiple needs, in terms of their emotional, psychological and attachment development.

A supportive and caring environment for children, Potton Homes provides specialist residential care and education for children. Potton homes ensure children and young people with Learning
Disabilities and Emotional and Behavioural difficulties have the highest level of therapeutic care and educational support, whilst maintaining an ethos that is attachment-based, humanistic and integrative. The understanding of the impact of early childhood trauma is delivered by an experienced team in all of our homes.

Team members at Potton Homes acknowledge that moving to a new home can be stressful and a difficult experience for young people and their families. Our admission procedure has been designed to minimise the anxieties surrounding a move and where possible, we will conduct thorough transitional arrangements, including a transition into our school, if a place is requested.

Potton Homes’ sister company, Potton Kare Service, are an edge-of-care provision and our team of specialised Family Support Workers and Registered Social Workers are experienced in working with children of all ages. We help families with complex issues and challenges.

All referrals are carefully considered, contact our referrals team – referrals@potton-homes.co.uk or telephone 0203 668 2212.


Company Website:   www.potton-homes.co.uk