Type of Provision:  Children’s Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total No. of children’s homes:  3
Total No of registered beds:  9
Size range of homes:  3
Age range on admission:  7-17 years
Specialist service:  Our homes provide Outstanding Care for children and young people with EBD and ASD.
Names & Qualifications:  Paul Bancroft ILM Level 5, Kat Brown QCF Level 5
Therapeutic provision:   Peer supervision and PACE informed practice.


The essence of our work at Resolute Care is a commitment to facilitate real personal growth and development in the young people for whom we care. Whilst we are experienced and effective at working with difficult behaviours, we do not allow young people to restrict our work to the realms of mere containment; we are very clear that we act as “Agents of Change” in their lives.

It is through this strong professional orientation that we are able to state unequivocally our expectations that previously unchallenged behaviours such as non-school attendance, violence, substance misuse, self harm and lack of commitment to change, are not acceptable. Whilst being a powerful statement of expectations and outcomes, our stance is essentially optimistic, since the contention is that individuals can take control of their behaviour – and if they can take control of themselves, then at Resolute Care, with all the environmental and personal support structures to help, we insist they do!

We believe that the prime movers in this process are not systems, dogma or institutions, but people. The keystone is a commitment to this principle; constantly placing young people alongside individuals who are not only accomplished professionals, but also human beings of integrity, compassion and strength.