Type of provision:   Children’s home
Gender:     Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  1
Total number of registered beds:  4
Size range of homes:  3x4SQ
Age range on admission:  5-17
Specialist services:  Learning disabilities autism associated Mental health needs
Geographical location:  South East


Satash Community Care is a privately managed organisation which will provide care and support to 4 children/young people with Learning Disabilities and emotional/behavioural difficulties; who may also have mild physical disabilities aged between 5-18 years, managed by a professional and dedicated staff team.

Our philosophy at Satash Community Care Children Services is to place the needs of the children/young people at the heart of our service, by promoting independence and providing care that respects young people’s choice, rights, privacy and dignity.

We aim to provide the highest levels of care and service to enable our children/young people to achieve their goals. We do this by ensuring our staff are recruited, vetted and trained against a strict framework, with emphasis placed on the quality and continuity of our care workers to provide a stable and secure environment for all children/young people.

We will endeavour to work with the children/young people in accordance with their ‘person centred plan’, which is tailor-made, specific and unique to the individual.

Registered with Ofsted SC462450.

Company Website:   www.satashcommunitycare.com