Type of provision:   Residential
Gender:      Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  1
Total number of registered beds:  4
Age range on admission:  12-18
Therapeutic provision:  Psychodynamic Therapeutic Intervention.
Geographical location:  South East


The Lodge staff offer a warm and comfortable home which is child- centred, safe, stimulated and stable. This is done by providing consistent but individual packages of care as part of a clear planning system. The staff team are committed to working alongside children, their families and social workers to ensure a positive experience for all young people placed with us.

The Lodge’s aim is to meet the needs and raise expectations of young people and strive to provide the opportunities that every young person needs to help develop their full potential. We are able to offer long-term and short-term accommodation for up to four young people, providing individual support through a dedicated key-work model, in order to promote an environment that is centred
around the young person and meets each individual’s physical, emotional, educational, social, cultural and spiritual needs.

With a clear model of therapeutic intervention staff are actively engaged in the young person’s emotional, educational and health needs and encourage the young person to become self-motivated, confident and an independent thinker.

Both Staff and Managers work in partnership with social workers, carers and other professionals involved in the young person’s life, to enable a clear and consistent message which is supportive and meaningful.