Type of provision:   Short-term Residential Children’s Home, EBD
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  2
Total number of registered beds:  4 (2 x 2 bed)
Age range on admission:  6-17
Geographical location:  South West & South East


Solent Child Care provides a short-term Residential service, offering a unique home-like environment in rural locations, for children and young people requiring 24-hour care and support. We have a skilled, qualified, nurturing and resilient staff team, who have all undertaken Therapeutic parenting training.

Solent Child Care offers the opportunity for local authorities to place same day, providing placements; to allow time for a longer-term placement to be sourced which meets the needs of the individual, to prevent further breakdown of placements and trauma to the children and young people. Solent Child Care works with the view of young people being able to step down to return to
a fostering environment.  We will also support Foster Carers, where appropriate, or the child’s family again, if appropriate, for the child or young person to return home.

Young people will benefit from individual programs that are appropriate to them, with boundaries, routines and structure, including maintaining education provision, structured activity programs and meaningful 1-1 time. Solent Child Care focuses on stabilising, managing and changing behaviors in a nurturing homely environment, to allow the children and young people opportunity, build self-esteem and safe relationships with adults during a period of planned stability.

Solent child care will work together with all agencies and the young person to ensure transition from the home is planned in the best interests of the child.

Company Website:   www.solentchildcare.co.uk