Type of Provision:  Residential Children’s Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total No. of children’s homes & other services:  1
Total No. of registered beds:  5
Size range of homes:  Small up to 5 bedded
Age range on admission:  10-17 years
Specialist Service:  Emotional behavioural and severe learning difficulties, Autistic spectrum disorder and other special needs.
Other education provision:  Strong links with local schools.
Name & Qualifications:  All management and staff are professionally qualified abov and beyond requirements.
Registered School or other education provision:
Therapeutic Provision:

St Hill House is committed to the protection, welfare, growth and development of all young people placed in our care.

We provide care and accommodation to a range of vulnerable children, including those with educational and behavioural problems, emotional behavioural difficulties (EBD), severe learning difficulties (SLD), autistic spectrum disorders and other special needs.

We promote the development of meaningful relationships for young people based on core values of dignity, mutual respect, good parenting, independence, privacy, choice and fulfillment.

At St Hills we provide a high standard of accommodation which is always homely and comfortable. Supportive leadership of our highly trained staff team encourage positive reinforcement every day and we ensure our young people have every opportunity to extend their personal growth. We offer residential placements to a maximum of 5 young people of any gender, aged 10 – 17 years on admission.

We believe in setting fair boundaries in consultation with our young people. We agree and establish a clear expectation of positive and constructive behaviour to be followed by all, including staff and we create routines in support of these agreements. Unacceptable behaviour is always identified and challenged, then positively worked with in a restorative atmosphere, identifying what needs to be implemented to tackle negative behaviour to try and ensure there is no repeat of the initial breakdown. We always tailor individual programmes to meet specific needs, reviewed constantly to benefit our young people.