Type of provision:   Residential Children’s Home
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  1
Total number of registered beds:  3
Size range of homes:  1 x 4 Bed Home offered 3 Placements
Age range on admission:  7 – 18
Specialist services:  EBD
Geographical location:  East Midlands


T Junction is a small, independent children’s home offering placements for up to 3 young people aged between 7-18 years, who would benefit from living in a small group environment.

Our over-arching aim is to provide an outstanding service for children who come in to care through no fault of their own. The purpose of this service will be to provide outstanding accommodation, outstanding support and outstanding care, which will always encompass a warm and homely environment.

We will do our best to champion and promote the importance of positive transition, along with access to an excellent education at every available opportunity.

We will always endeavour to build young people’s confidence, self-esteem, resilience, and independence, as we recognise how important these are in ensuring young people go on to lead fulfilling and successful lives.

Company Website:   www.tjunctionchildrensservices.co.uk