Type of provision:  Residential Home & Independent School specialising in the Care and Education of children with Learning Disabilities & Autism.
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes and other services:   2 (& 1 school)
Total number of registered beds:  8
Size range of homes:   Small
Age range on admission:  9 – 18 years
Specialist service:  Mild to Severe Learning Disability, Autism & associated Behavioural and/or Communication difficulties.
Name and qualifications:  Beeches Care Home: Denise Grayston, RNMH, NVQ4.
Maples Care Home: Lyana Sinclair-Russell, BSc(Hons), NVQ4.
Beeches Independent School: Kathryn Black,BA(Hons), PGCE,QTS
Registered school:  Yes    DfE No. 874/6004
Other services:   Weekly/Termly & Day Pupil Provision available.
Geographical location:  Eastern, South East.


A specialist residential care home and independent school for 9-18 year olds with learning disabilities and ASD, who challenge regular providers.

We offer education plus 52 week p.a. care, in direct response to a growing and established need in Peterborough, the South East and nationwide for this kind of specialist service. Children in our
care will be offered a bespoke education package within The Beeches Independent School.

Fulfilling this need is an opportunity to grow and adapt our successful and long-established care provision, in an environment where young people feel valued and thrive in every way.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest possible quality of support to our young people, whilst also supporting Placing Authorities, associated professionals and families.

While we endeavour to accommodate emergency and respite placements, our aim is always to ensure optimum compatibility, taking account of group dynamics.

The Beeches Independent School accepts non-residential Day Pupils, in addition to providing education for children within our residential care provision.

Company Website:   www.beechesuk.co.uk