Type of provision:   Specialist Residential with on site Education
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & services:   6
Total number of registered beds:   42
Size range of homes:   4,5,6,7,8 bed homes
Age range on admission:  5+ years
Specialist services:  E.S.B.D
Name and qualifications:  Head of Care/RI – qualified SW,  Registered Managers Qualified to Level 5 Therapists & Psychologists fully qualified and registered with relevant professional bodies.
Registered school:  Key stage 2 to 4
Other education provision:   Vocational qualifications in purpose-built provision

Therapeutic provision:  Clinical Psychology, Art psychotherapy, Integrative therapy, creative arts and play therapy, Counselling psychology.
Geographical location:  West Midlands, East Midlands, South East.


The Caldecott Foundation is a Registered Charity with over 100 years’ experience of providing quality care and education to children aged five to 16+, who have suffered extremes of abuse
and neglect. We provide a wrap-around service, supporting a young person’s journey through placement, with two Emergency and Assessment centres, 1 in Kent and 1 in Nottinghamshire, providing short-term intervention and assessment, 52 and 39 week residential care, education, day placements and fostering.

Our “Learning for Life” philosophy and core values of choice, opportunity, progress and equality, are supported by experienced and qualified staff teams and a team of therapists, psychologists, Speech and Language, to maximise each child’s life chances and deliver best possible outcomes.

We deliver national curriculum across key stages 2 to 4 in our well-resourced school, all young people having access to GCSE exams and alternative qualifications such as ASDAN, Adult Literacy and Numeracy.

Functional Skills are available in all subjects from Entry Level to Level 2. With our purpose-built vocational learning homes, we can deliver an alternative curriculum and qualifications post 16, such as worked-based learning courses, Health and Safety, First Aid and Manual Handling.

Company Website:   www.thecaldecottfoundation.co.uk