Type of Provision: Residential
Gender: Mixed
Total No. of Children’s homes & other services:  2
Total No. of registered beds: 6
Size range of homes: 4-bedded & 2-bedded
Age range on admission:  Between 8 & 10 years
Specialist Service:  Specialise in children with Attachment issues.
Therapeutic Provision:  Yes


We have a long-serving committed staff team who, as well as receiving all the mandatory training, receive additional training on attachment, assessment and planned interventions.

As with all children with attachment issues, we assess and address behavioural issues at their emotional age rather than their chronological age. We operate a highly structured and supervised environment, based on rewarding positive behaviour. We believe in working in small achievable steps. We implement star/incentive charts, which target negative behaviour.

We understand the child’s behaviour through child development and manage presenting behaviour.

Simultaneously in our approach to parenting the child, we use the child development model and attachment theory. Within this we recognise the need for consistency.

We provide a highly nurturing home, which instils set routines. We believe that supporting our children in education is extremely important and will go “above and beyond” to support and address any behavioural issues.

We are proud that we are not  a “heads on beds”  company, we are very particular when we receive referrals and make sure that any new child will be a good “fit”.

We have, for the past four years, received “outstanding” when we have been inspected by Ofsted.