Type of provision:   Therapeutic Residential Children’s Homes, Therapeutic SEBD Education, 18+ Supported Accommodation, Specialist Training and Consultancy.
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes &  other services: 4 Therapeutic Children’s Homes with 1 integrated DfE Registered Therapeutic SEBD School. Also 18+ Supported Accommodation on
Total number of registered beds:  24 (OfSTED)
Size range of homes:   2 x 7 placements age range 6-16, 2 x 5 placements age range 12-18,  4 x 1 placement age range 18+.
Age range on admission:  6-12 (2 homes), 12-16 (2 homes), 18+ (4 premises), 7-16 (school)
Specialist service:  Therapeutic Child Care and Education, Specialist Training, Consultancy to Foster Carers and Childcare teams and organisations, bespoke 18+ Supported Accommodation Service.
Name and qualifications:  We hold a vast range of qualifications across our organisation, from level 3 Diploma’s to Masters degrees; details are available on request.
Registered school:  The Lioncare School DfE: 846/6043
Other education provision:  Partnership with local mainstream and special schools, FE colleges and adult training services.
Therapeutic provision:  Psycho-dynamic Practice embedded within a Therapeutic Community Approach.
Geographical location:  South East


The Lioncare Group has been providing therapeutic childcare & education for 26 years.  Our four children’s homes and our SEBD independent school follow psycho-dynamic practice, embedded within a therapeutic community approach, offering integrated and joined up care and education.  Where appropriate, we offer uninterrupted transition from younger to older provision and beyond whilst retaining stability in education and continuum of established and important relationships between children/young people and their adult carers and teachers and learning support assistants.

Our 18+ supported accommodation programme supports young adults through the difficult transition from residential care to successful interdependent living.Our homes offer a safe and protected
homely environment for younger and older children alike, where their presenting difficulties and needs can be reviewed and assessed through an initial 12-week placement period; where they can then be supported in gaining emotional and behavioural stability and where they can be encouraged to achieve their longer-term ambitions and aims towards better self-regulation and self-agency
and a more enjoyable experience of life.

Our school (also a recognised examination centre), provides children aged 7-16, who have previously struggled to access and achieve in education, the opportunity to gain a positive and enjoyable experience of learning, a specialised project-based curriculum with individual support for numeracy and literacy and spelling, work-experience, college placements and the means to achieve their full

Our training & consultancy service runs accredited programmes in therapeutic childcare and education, restrictive physical intervention, and safe environments (holistic H&S training) and offers professional consultancy and support to foster carers, managers, and whole organisations.

We offer children & young people with complex needs aged 6-18+, the means to resolve past trauma, achieve greater stability in their present lives, gain a positive experience of childhood and adolescence and education and be able to face the future with confidence.

Company Website:  www.lioncare.co.uk