Type of Provision:  Children’s Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total No. of children’s homes & other services: 2
Total No. of registered beds: 5
Size range of homes:  2 to 3 bed
Age range on admission:   8-18 years

Specialist Services:  Learning Disabilities


The Spring care, offers children and young people, who have learning difficulties, the opportunity to participate fully in everyday life. Our homes, which are strategically located, offer either 2 or 3 young person placements. Our homes, are situated in pleasant surroundings and within active communities, to allow our young people to integrate with a variety of local activities and amenities.

Each home has its own qualified and experienced Registered Manager and a well-trained team of staff to meet the needs of our young people. As such, we provide the expertise, support, learning and tools for our young people to manage and control their own life-style and behaviour.

The Spring Care is committed to the view that all people are entitled to equality of opportunity. This view is upheld regardless of ability or disability, gender, chosen gender, age, status, religion, belief, nationality, ethnic origins or sexual orientation.