Type of provision:  Therapeutic Residential Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:   12
Total number of registered beds:  20 beds – 8 dual and 4 singles
Age range on admission:  8 to 17 years
Specialist service:  Therapeutic Residential Care for children requiring solo or dual occupancy homes.
Name and qualifications:  Dclin.Psy: DipSW: B,ed; BSc; MPsych, NVQ iii – v
Registered schools:  Elland House School, Royton, Lancashire Riverside Junior School, Ripponden, West Yorkshire
Other education provision:  Post 16 package of support
Therapeutic provision:  Clinical lead (creative arts psychotherapist/play therapist);  Art psychotherapist; Consultant Clinical Psychologist;  Assistant Psychologist; Therapeutic Social Worker.
Other services:  Consultation; Team Meetings; Training ; Direct 1:1 sessions; Family assessment; Story stem assessment profile; Psychometric Assessments.
Geographical location:  North West, Yorks & Humberside


At Timeout, we are a family run organisation and our ethos and philosophy is based on a systemic approach to promoting the child’s emotional well-being. We specialise in 1:1 care in both solo and dual occupancy homes. We ensure that a holistic view is taken to all aspects of the child’s development, whether it is in education, therapy or therapeutic care. By tracing the child’s footprint, we can gather the necessary information to inform our practice to assist the child’s recovery.

To define systemic, we believe that everyone who is involved in the child’s recovery has an understanding of the impact of abuse and neglect and its demonstration in current behaviours. This is
communicated via training, consultation & reflective practice that is led by our clinical team.

Children’s therapeutic needs are often most effectively met by the development of a safe, consistent and nurturing relationship, with a trusted adult. The promotion of this relationship is the primary
therapeutic goal for each child placed.

Our aim is to ensure that each child receives an individualised treatment plan which evidences their progress and changes in behaviour. The clinical information guides the team and allows informed decision-making on interventions and strategies. We ensure that this progress is shared and explained with the nominated professionals to guarantee transparency.

Company Website:   www.timeouthomes.co.uk