Type of provision:   Short Breaks
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  4 children’s homes plus 6 other services
Total number of registered beds:  20
Size range of homes:  3, 5 and 7
Age range on admission:  0-18
Specialist services:  Yes
Other services:  Work alongside physiotherapy, speech and language, dieticians, specialist consultants, enabling and CAMHS service.
Geographical location:  South West

Virgin Care Children’s Homes are part of a range of provisions that enable Integrated Children’s Services to support families with young people who have additional needs. Homes are
based in Honiton, Exeter, Tiverton and Barnstaple, and are registered with Ofsted. Homes have their own vehicles and access the wider community for a range of enriching activities.  Children’s needs are at the centre of our practise and we listen and respond to the children’s voice when planning their care. Achieving positive outcomes for young people are paramount in our work.

Overnight short breaks aim to support parents/carers, children and young people from birth to 18 years, who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities and complex medical needs.

Our homes vary from 3-7 beds with both genders accessing the service. This is achieved by providing planned breaks for children and young people, by undertaking comprehensive assessments to be sure we can meet their needs. Breaks consist of day care and overnight stays, with longer stays possible to support families in need.

We offer emergency placements to support the needs of families following a process of careful assessment and planning, taking into account the needs of children already staying in the home.

We are able to implement clinical assessment and treatment plans for individual young people as appropriate; in liaison with other relevant professionals, ensuring a multi-agency approach that
values the child and puts their welfare at the centre of all decision making processes.

Company Website:   www.virgincare.co.uk