Type of Provision:  Girls’ Residential Children’s Home
Gender:  Female only
Total No. of children’s homes & other services: 2
Total No. of registered beds: 8
Size range of homes:  4-bed
Age range on admission: 11-17 years
Specialist Services:  Medium to long-term provision, with the objective of reunification with family/ foster placement /semi-independent living.
Name & Qualifications: All Managers and Directors qualified beyond minimum requirements, information on request.
Registered School or Other Education Provision:  We offer vocational qualifications through ASDAN & on site education through our independent specialist school.
Therapeutic Services:  Yes.


At Willows We provide full-time, medium to long-term care for a maximum of four girls aged 11 to 17 with BESD. We are single gender provisions for girls only. Education is provided separately at our registered school K-HQ which is also single gender.

The Willows 21 Model’: Our Therapeutic Ethos 

We aim to provide residential care for those girls and young women whose needs, at the point of admission, cannot (for various reasons) be met in a family setting.

We believe that effective therapeutic intervention doesn’t happen by chance and that ‘good intentions’ are not enough. Indeed the whole essence of ‘therapy’ is that it is founded on the notion of intentionality and planned intervention.

Our mission is simple. Together we make a promise to every girl who comes to Willows; and to keep that promise we must, in a thought –through, planned and intentional way…

Insist that we look after each of them properly, protect them from harm and keep them safe.

Ensure that on every level, everything we do is as good as we would want it to be for our own children. If it’s not that good, then it’s not good enough.

Support and share their own aspirations, encourage their dreams and do everything we can to help them achieve their goals.

Using these principles, we keep our promise and become agents of change that will ensure they each achieve their best possible future.